Prince Charles signs deal with Amazon Prime Video Content Exchange

Prince Charles has signed a deal with Amazon Prime Video.

The 72-year-old royal piloted his RE: TV channel on its own content platform last year but has now agreed a deal with the streaming giant in order to send his environmental messages to a wider audience.

Charles, who serves as editor-in-chief of RE;TV, said: “I’ve spent a lot my lifetime trying to engage people and businesses with the issues and solutions of the climate crisis.

“RE:TV was therefore set up with the aim of capturing the will and imagination of humanity and champion the most inspiring solutions for sustainability from around the world.

“I hope that with this partnership with Prime Video we can bring these inspiring innovations and ideas to a wider audience and demonstrate together what is possible in the pursuit of a sustainable future.”

The channel will focus solely on green issues, offering “solutions working to accelerate a more sustainable future”.

A spokesperson for RE: TV added: “Covering a huge range of innovation from recycling coffee to reseeding rainforests, the films highlight projects from across the world working on brilliant initiatives that can help transform how business is done, helping us make a cleaner and more sustainable economy.”

Programmes for the channel include ‘Recycling Everything’, which examines TerraCycle’s efforts to recycle hard-to-reuse materials, ‘Remapping Restoration’, a profile of data-sharing environment platform Restor, and ‘Refuelling Aviation’, which visits Lanzatech in Chicago, a company developing sustainable aviation fuel.

Charles has called for increasing action to tackle environmental issues before it’s too late.

He said: “The finely-woven tapestry of life is undoubtedly one of the greatest marvels of our universe.

“We must urgently reverse the exploitation of the natural world if it is to sustain us for generations to come. The time is long overdue to put nature at the centre of our economic model.

“We have the right minds and the right technology in our hands. We know what we must do.

“We must now focus our effort and our actions in the same direction, in the biggest and most effective global alliance the world has ever seen.

“There is hope, but we’ve got to get our act together. And we’ve got to remember: the world is what sustains us.”

This article originally ran on Content Exchange