Police called to Rihanna’s LA home ‘amid trespasser fears’

Police Called To Rihanna’s La Home ‘amid Trespasser Fears’
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Police offers were called to Rihanna’s Los Angeles home last week after a trespasser was spotted at the property.

The uninvited visitor was seen on the grounds of the pop star’s abode in the early hours of the morning, and the police were called to deal with the issue.

However, by the time they arrived at the property, the intruder had disappeared.

Rihanna’s security informed the officers that the trespasser leapt over the fence before making a quick exit from the scene, according to TMZ.

Rihanna, 33, wasn’t at home at the time of the break-in, but the police have taken a report and are continuing to investigate the incident.

The chart-topping pop star previously moved to London after launching her own fashion brand, and she subsequently admitted to relishing the relative anonymity that she was afforded in the UK capital.

The ‘Work’ hitmaker revealed she had managed to keep a low profile in the city, even though she’s one of the world’s most recognisable pop singers.

Asked about her experience of living in London, Rihanna shared: “I enjoy walking around the block. When I go walking, I try to keep a little incognito.”

Similarly, a source previously claimed that, unlike in Los Angeles or New York, Rihanna found that she was able to “keep herself hidden” in the city.

The insider explained: “She immediately fell in love with how she was able to keep herself hidden in the city. She found that she could finally go about her everyday business while hiding in plain sight.

“She eats out at local restaurants and visits shops in the area. People just don’t imagine that the woman in front of them at the supermarket could be one of the world’s most famous people, so she can come and go with ease.”

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