Personal stories from the pandemic, Obama catches COVID, and more COVID news

Here’s a look at today’s COVID-19 news around the country.

Obama diagnosed with COVID

Former President Barack Obama said on Sunday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, though he’s feeling relatively healthy and his wife, Michelle, tested negative.

“I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but am feeling fine otherwise,” Obama said on Twitter. “Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted.”

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A near-death experience changed her

The doctor pleaded with Paige Deiner to close her eyes and sleep. But she refused to listen. She was terrified.

“If I go to sleep, I’m not going to wake up,” she told him.

It was an October night in 2021, and Deiner was fighting for her life, and the life of her 24-week-old baby. She was in the intensive care unit of a Delaware hospital after being diagnosed with Covid. She had lost 30 pounds in 12 days after being put on a ventilator. A doctor later told her that at one point he estimated she had a 5% chance of survival.

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Why are gas prices soaring?

There’s pain at the pump for American drivers as US gas prices soar to record highs.

Although the United States barely uses Russian oil, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is still a big factor in the gas-price spike — among other reasons.

Confused? We’ll walk you through it.

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A 4th dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be needed, according to Pfizer’s CEO

To help fend off another wave of Covid-19, people will need a fourth dose of vaccine, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told CBS on Sunday.

“Many variants are coming, and Omicron was the first one that was able to evade — in a skillful way — the immune protection that we’re giving,” Bourla told CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“The protection we are getting from the third (dose) it is good enough — actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths,” Bourla said.


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