Paris Hilton ‘wanted row with ex removed from documentary’

Paris Hilton ‘wanted Row With Ex Removed From Documentary’ Content Exchange

Paris Hilton wanted a row with ex-boyfriend Aleks Novakovic removed from her new documentary.

Alexandra Dean – who directed the YouTube Originals film ‘This Is Paris’ – has claimed the 39-year-old socialite wasn’t keen on including the fiesty exchange, which took place at EDM festival Tomorrowland just moments before she was due on stage.

The pair argued after Aleks had been left alone throughout the event, and she hit out after he dropped a computer which was to be used in her DJ set.

Paris ranted: “You can’t just drop a computer before a set! The computer could break. Will someone who’s not gonna drop it, take it?”

She added: “Can you tell him to chill the f*** out? This is f***** up. I’m playing Tomorrowland.

“He needs to chill the f*** out. I’m sick of this s***. I’m playing in six minutes.”

Alexandra praised Paris for deciding not to force the issue when it came to the footage, even though there was “a moment” when the reality star considered blocking the clip from being included.

The filmmaker told TooFab: “She could have cried, she could have kicked her feet, she could have said ‘no Tomorrowland’.

“There was definitely a moment where she wanted to do that and she didn’t. I have huge respect for her after that.”

And she was also glad to see Paris “put down a boundary” with Aleks, and described the row as a very genuine moment.

She said: “I think everyone feels what I feel watching it, which is, yeah, finally, put down a boundary, be yourself. Respect your own boundaries, you know?

“She clearly isn’t doing that for any cameras, she’s really struggling and she’s letting that struggle unfold on camera.

“That was when we had been filming for a really long time and the cameras had become invisible.”

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