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Paris Hilton is finding wedding planning “stressful”.

The ‘Cooking With Paris’ star is preparing to tie the knot with Carter Reum and though her mother Kathy Hilton insisted everything is under control when it comes to their big day, she admitted the groom isn’t easy to please.

Paris said: “It’s been the most exciting and romantic time in my life — I just can’t wait for the wedding. It’s stressful planning it.”

But Kathy reassured her: “I had a three-and-a-half-hour meeting yesterday, and I want you to know there is nothing to worry about. She is very easy-breezy. It’s the groom…”

Her daughter jumped in to defend her fiance, explaining he is “just very organised, very responsible.”

The 40-year-old heiress wasn’t too pleased when Kathy began sharing details about the wedding plans.

Kathy told ‘Extra’: “I’m doing it, he’s doing his party, then they have the carnival…”

Her daughter then interrupted and exclaimed: “Mom!”

The wedding will be documented in Peacock series ‘Paris in Love’ and the ‘Stars are Blind’ hitmaker is delighted to have a lasting record of her memories from the big day and her preparations.

She said: “I’m going to have the most incredible wedding video, because we have all the memories leading up to it.”

Once they are married, Paris and Carter are planning to start a family and the blonde beauty already knows she’ll be a “strict” parent.

She admitted: “I’m probably going to be a strict mom.

“I’m just worried for when my baby London says, ‘Mom, I want to go on a date, I want go to a club,’ and I’m going to go, ‘No.’”

But her sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, insisted her sibling is a fun aunt to her children, Lily, five, and three-year-old Teddy.

She said: “They adore her… She’s usually in a bubblegum-pink outfit with several… toys, and they just think she’s like big Barbie doll.”

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