Paris Hilton feels ‘responsible’ for social media addiction

Paris Hilton Feels ‘responsible’ For Social Media Addiction Content Exchange

Paris Hilton feels “responsible” for the world’s addiction with social media.

The socialite and DJ – who previously claimed her and Britney Spears invented the selfie 11 years ago – admits she feels like she “helped create a monster” as she is described as the “original influencer”.

Asked if she feels “responsible” for young people’s addiction to social media, as she is the “architect of that”, she said in her YouTube documentary ‘This Is Paris’: “I do feel responsible for it … When you add up all those hours … it’s literally like years of your life spent just looking at a phone. It’s just so beyond. Now I see the little girls who are nine years old, ten years old … they’re trying to get the perfect selfie, they’re putting the filters on, they can’t even look at themselves in the phone without putting a filter. I can’t even imagine being a 13-year-old girl today. Everyone says I’m the original influencer but sometimes I feel like I helped create a monster.”

Meanwhile, Paris previously insisted she has stopped “playing the character” since the coronavirus lockdown.

The 39-year-old star said: “Before [lockdown], life was travelling to different countries constantly, being around strangers, just playing the character all the time, so you forget who you are almost and get lost in it. But it’s not who I am or how I want to be remembered. I’m kind-hearted and smart.”

Paris is also now planning to stop her DJ gigs in Ibiza and other commitments and intends to change her lifestyle entirely.

She explained of her work life: “I’m sick of giving my life away so much and travelling and not having any personal life whatsoever.”

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