Olly Murs ‘broke down’ talking about late pal Caroline Flack

Olly Murs ‘broke Down’ Talking About Late Pal Caroline Flack
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Olly Murs “broke down” when he was asked to speak about the late Caroline Flack at a dinner with her friends.

The ‘Love Island’ presenter tragically took her own life in February 2020 and in her memory, the ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ hitmaker and some of Caroline’s closest pals attempted to climb 24 peaks in 24 hours.

And in the evening, they all sat down to eat and chat about what Caroline meant to them – but Olly was taken “off guard” by the suggestion of reminiscing and admits he burst into tears.

He remembered: “There was times when we spoke about Caroline. There was times when we reminisced on stories because all of us knew her differently, and then we went out for dinner that night. And, this completely threw me off guard, one of the girls got up and started talking and was saying thank you so much to everyone. And all of a sudden it all went round the table and everyone had to say something. And I was so caught off guard, and they asked me to say something and I just couldn’t speak.

“I just broke down and cried the whole time in front of all these strangers that I don’t really know. And I was just like ‘what’s going on’. Grief is so tough and even now it’s really difficult to even think that we did a climb for someone that in my eyes is still here.”

Olly admits the climb was tough both “physically and mentally” but he can’t believe how well everyone did.

Speaking to Joe Wicks on his podcast, he added: “It was amazing. It was tough, physically and mentally, to go up and climb the Lake District – try and do 24 peaks in 24 hours. We managed to do 18. We couldn’t do 24. We didn’t anticipate the group was going to be from different levels of fitness, and also mentally and physically all of us are different. I thought I was really tough. We smashed the walks and I got to the end and I thought ‘oh, I’ve dealt with this quite well emotionally’, I thought I’d be quite emotional.”

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