Minnie Driver opens up about mother’s death

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Minnie Driver has opened up about the loss of her mother Gaynor Churchward.

The 51-year-old actress plays a widowed doctor in the upcoming second series of ‘Modern Love’, and revealed her mother – who died in March – was a big fan of the script.

She told Radio Times magazine: “Grief is just another expression of love. I’ve really come to understand that, having lost my mother during the pandemic. When I got the script, my mother read it over my shoulder. She loved it; we both thought it was an interesting exploration of what it means to love somebody new when your heart is still with someone that you’ve lost.”

Minnie’s father, Ronnie, a financial adviser, died in 2009.

While Gaynor never got to see Minnie’s new show, she revealed she FaceTimed her mother from the Wicklow Mountains, where she was filming.

She said: “Sadly not but I FaceTimed her when I was driving the car on location and she came with me through the Wicklow Mountains.”

Meanwhile, Minnie previously urged other celebrities to stay quiet on Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘Good Will Hunting’ actress admitted she could understand why people were critical of stars who bemoaned having to stay at home while having the trappings of wealth, such as swimming pools and huge abodes, at their disposal.

She said “Celebrities have been really coming in for it. I’ve been keeping really f***ing quiet, but I’ve been watching [other celebrities] like, oh, no, don’t do that. Just put up another awesome video of, you know, somebody doing something funny that will make people smile.

“That’s the extent of our duties right now. Don’t say anything about what you’re doing, because, oh my God. It’s bad right now…

“Anything that’s like, ‘You know, I’m just doing laps in my pool’ – nobody wants to hear that! Don’t say that you feel like you’re in jail. Don’t say anything. Just open a bottle of wine and wander around in your underwear like everybody else.”

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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