Megan McCain proud to take risks

Megan Mccain Proud To Take Risks Content Exchange

Megan McCain is proud to make “unpredictable choices”.

The 36-year-old star – who has nine-month-old Liberty with husband Ben Domenech – has been bombarded with “many, many questions” since announcing last week she was leaving ‘The View’ and though she knows there’s a lot of speculation as to why she decided to quit, she insisted she just enjoys taking risks and leaping into the unknown.

She tweeted: “So much chatter, so much gossip, so many, many, many questions people are asking me this past week…

“I pride myself on always taking big risks, rolling the dice, and making unpredictable life and career choices.

“I’ve never fit in a box and I never will. Live free or die.”

Megan – who became a permanent co-host of the daytime show in October 2017 – admitted it hadn’t been an “easy decision” to leave the programme but the coronavirus pandemic had made her re-evaluate her life choices.

She said: “This was not an easy decision. It took a lot of thought and counsel and prayer, and talking to my family and my close friends, and, you know, look — COVID has changed the world for all of us and it changed the way, at least for me, the way I am looking at life, the way I’m living my life, the way I want my life to look like.”

An insider later explained that Megan’s family commitments in Washington D.C. were a big factor in her decision to quit.

The source said: “ABC did want her to stay, but it was her decision for quite a few reasons that she said in her statement — that she made the decision along with her family that it was her time to step back.

“They did want her to come back to the New York studio. And in D.C., her family is there, her mom’s a new ambassador now and she’ll be in D.C., Ben’s situated there for work and his family — her in-laws — are there. The geography was a big piece of it.”

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