Matthew Morrison welcomes second child

Matthew Morrison Welcomes Second Child Content Exchange

Matthew Morrison and his wife Renee Puente have welcomed their second child.

The couple already have son Revel James Makai, three, together and they say their family is now “complete” after the arrival of daughter Phoenix Monroe in June.

They told PEOPLE: “We Rise! Our family is now complete. Welcome, Phoenix Monroe!”

Phoenix weighed 7 lbs., 1.5 oz., and measured 21 inches long when she was born.

Former ‘Glee’ star Matthew, 42, previously called fatherhood his greatest role yet.

He said: “It is honestly the greatest love I’ve ever known. And really, I just was so inspired … I feel like I don’t know life before fatherhood. I mean, I do know it, sometimes I want it back. But there is nothing like this. I feel like my eyes have been completely opened up to this whole new world, not to quote a Disney song.”

He also praised his wife Renee for being a great mom and for her strength after they suffered a number of miscarriages.

He said: “I feel like I have a whole new wife. her come into her power as a woman has been, I think, transformational for our whole family. She is such a leader and really just creating these movements and stuff with her speaking and really trying to empower other women and talking about things that a lot of women go through but are scared to talk about it, like miscarriage.

“We’ve had a few miscarriages along the way trying to have a second baby, and it’s not fun stuff. But it has really opened us up to having the conversation and talking about things that are taboo or a little difficult to express. So I think it has really bonded us together a lot more.”

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