Liam Gallagher blasts Noel Gallagher’s music Content Exchange

Liam Gallagher says his brother Noel “might as well” host a radio show as “his music’s s****”.

It was revealed this week that Noel will present a show on Radio X on Sunday nights during August but his estranged brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam is not impressed.

When asked by a fan on Twitter: “What do you make of Noel hosting a radio show?”, Liam replied: “He might as well as his musics s**** it keeps me up all night (sic).”

Another fan asked: “Liam will you be listening to Noels new radio slot?????” and he quipped: “I’d rather listen to James Blunt doing grime.”

Although Noel, 54, has ruled out an Oasis reunion, Liam, 48, replied to a Twitter user who asked him if he would tour with Noel again.

The fan asked: “If Oasis did reunite and go on tour, would you travel on a tour bus and share said tour bus with Noel?” and Liam joked: “Yeah and the same bunk bad bro’s 4 life (sic).”

Liam’s comments came after it was revealed that Noel will kick off his residency on Radio X on Sunday (08.08.21) at 7pm, alongside his friend and comedy writer Matt Morgan.

Noel said: “You lucky little indie kids are getting the pleasure of mine and the thinking man’s fuddy-duddy Matt Morgan’s company for a residency. You’ll be hearing some great tunes, and a lot of nonsense, being spouted mostly by me! Tune in… you might learn summat. NG.”

Matt Deverson, Managing Editor of Radio X, said: “Whether it be through Oasis or the 10 years of his High Flying Birds, Noel Gallagher’s music is part of the fabric of Radio X, and I’m delighted that the man himself will be hosting a show on the station. He’s teamed up with his good mate Matt Morgan, and as a man who’s never short of a word to say, I can’t wait to hear them put the world to rights in their own unique style. Noel Gallagher really does live on Radio X.”

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