Kids Get Into Home Renovation in Peacock’s ‘Backyard Blowout’ (VIDEO)

The kids are in charge in Peacock’s new home renovation series, dropping on Thursday, September 16.

In the 11-episode Backyard Blowout, it’s up to the kids to take charge of their family’s backyards to rebuild and create a new space for all. (The parents, meanwhile, leave them to it.) With hosts Jonathan Kidder and outdoor design expert Sana Garner, these kids must balance the fun of their imaginations — some of the suggestions include a treehouse, zipline, and roller coaster — with the responsibility of what their families need. But the design is 100 percent the kids’.

“The series will provide kids the perfect opportunity to create the seemingly impossible through a backyard makeover their parents have only dreamt about — from multi-level treehouses to zip lines, outdoor kitchens to saunas and yes, even a colorful resort for the family chicken,” according to the description.

“Oh my, you have vision!” Garner exclaims as she and Kidder listen to the kids’ ideas. Watch the trailer below for more.

Backyard Blowout is the streaming service’s first venture focusing on DIY design, creation, and home renovations in kids and family unscripted programming. Also coming is Create the Escape, which will see kids creating, designing, and building their own escape rooms.

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Backyard Blowout is produced by Departure Films and executive produced by Max Weissman, Matt Levine, Tim Robbins, and Emmy-Award winner Sue Seide.

Backyard Blowout, Series Premiere, Thursday, September 16, Peacock