Karen Gillan credits her parents with keeping her grounded: ‘They made me unshakeable’

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Karen Gillan has credited her parents with keeping her grounded.

The 33-year-old actress shot to fame when she landed the role of Amy Pond in the hit sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who’, and has since gone on to star in films including ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and the rebooted ‘Jumanji’ movies.

And Karen has said it’s her parents, Raymond and Marie Gillan, who have helped make sure she is “unshakeable” in the face of rising stardom.

She said: “I had an incredibly stable upbringing. My parents are so down to earth and normal. They gave me a childhood that made me unshakeable, even during that stage.”

The Scottish star now lives in Los Angeles so that she can be closer to Hollywood, and her parents have even decided to relocate with her to keep her company.

She explained: “Their move over happened quite naturally. I was filming in another country, and they said they’d come and look after the house for me and they stayed. That was quite a long time ago now.

“I feel more Scottish than ever living here. I won’t lie, LA is not my favourite city in the world; I’m ginger, I don’t do well with the sun and I’m not that outdoorsy, so I’m doing everything I can to grasp on to ‘home’. Having Mum and Dad here means I don’t feel so alone in this foreign land.”

And while Karen’s dad “loves” the warmer climate, the ‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ star and her mother “always talk” about going back to their native Scotland.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, she said: “Dad loves it, but my mum and I are really homesick all the time and always talk about going back to Scotland for a while.”

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