Jamie Lee Curtis launching podcast

Jamie Lee Curtis Launching Podcast
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Jamie Lee Curtis is launching a podcast about friendship.

The 62-year-old actress thought it would be “interesting” to examine the ways people’s relationships with their pals change over time after witnessing first-hand the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on long-standing bonds.

She told People magazine: “People trust me.

“I have seen tectonic changes in friendships during the pandemic.

“I know I’m not alone in those feelings and I thought it would be an interesting conversation to start. Friendships, like everything, need to be ever-changing.”

The podcast, which is called ‘Good Friend’, will also look at “the profound mutuality when those relationships are clear” and during it’s 15-episode run, the likes of Michelle Williams, Jennifer Garner, Maria Shriver, Lea Michele and her best pal Jonathan Groff, and Niecy Nash and her wife Jessica Betts, will be speaking to the ‘Knives Out’ star about issues relating to friendship.

The ‘True Lies’ star’s husband, director Christopher Guest, will also be a guest, along with his best friend David Nichtern.

The first episode – which premieres on iHeartRadio on 15 July – will see Jamie joined by her new friend Lena Dunham, who talks about the intense friendships that inspired ‘Girls’ and when it is time to move on from a group of pals.

And Lena also reflects on how sobriety made her realise she was “obsessed” with how people perceived her.

She said: “When I got sober, the drug aspect was gone, the pill aspect was gone.

“What wasn’t gone, was my addiction with and preoccupation with people and with my obsession with knowing I was okay with people. Okay in their eyes.

“Whether it was praise or people-pleasing or my obsession with being good or worthy or right, which had always lived obsessively in my brain. It had been a huge factor in the noise that made it so hard to tolerate my inner life.

“Whether it was an obsession with, you know, ‘My friends are mad at me’ or ‘My friends think I’m stupid,’ or ‘How can I convince my friends that I’m worth being their friend.'”


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