Jade Thirlwall ‘pied’ by Lewis Capaldi and AJ Tracey

Jade Thirlwall ‘pied’ By Lewis Capaldi And Aj Tracey
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Jade Thirlwall got “pied” by Lewis Capaldi and AJ Tracey.

The Little Mix singer admits she went through a phase where she “tried to slide in a slot of DMs” and has confessed it didn’t go to plan as she was ignored by the singer and rapper.

Speaking to Amelia Dimoldenberg on Chicken Shop Date, she said: “I went through a phase of trying to like slide in a lot of DMs and literally I didn’t realise the amount of pie one person could receive. I do love pie but not on a sort of romantic way.

“But I DMed Lewis Capaldi once, asked if he wanted to go to karaoke with us and he just didn’t reply. [I once tried] sliding into AJ Tracey’s DMs [and] got pied.”

Jade met Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens in lockdown and she “enjoyed” finding love that way.

She said: “I ended up meeting someone in lockdown which is strange… I quite enjoyed doing it that way. We had real dates and really got to know each other. I wouldn’t say I was looking for anyone at the time. I was happy to be in lockdown because I am independent. I think you can still strive in your singleness in lockdown. Anyone who has supported you through hard times is really important. It’s quite special seeing that. It’s the one positive to come out of this. Me and Jordan … we are a good match. We are so chilled out, we are horizontal!”

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