Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner working hard on romance

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Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner are working hard on their romance.

The couple – whose relationship blossomed during lockdown – are doing all they can to keep their love on track, with Roxy even missing London Fashion Week recently so she could be with her boyfriend when he returned home from filming in the United States.

Explaining how she missed one of the biggest event in the fashion world, she said: “It was a bit difficult. I got FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out]. Jack had just got back from working away, so we needed some quality time, but I can’t believe we missed the whole of fashion week.”

Roxy was unable to travel with Jack because of Covid regulations but the comedian and actor is grateful that Roxy took time away from the fashion event of the year to be with him.

Speaking to Richard Eden from the Daily Mail, Jack added: “I can’t imagine what it must have been like for her. The closest thing for me would be missing Edinburgh Festival, which isn’t as glamorous, but it would be very difficult to miss.”

Jack enjoyed filming over in the US but came back with bad sunburn.

Explaining how filming went for him, he said: “I got sunburned every day. But I was also wearing a helmet for the role, and it was so hot I had people putting fans up there. I suffer for my art.”

Jack previously revealed he moved in with Roxy after just two weeks of dating.

He explained: “Weirdly that was quite nice because we spent a lot of time together and it accelerates the relationship in a way. Then when lockdown ended, there’s a lot of things we realised. We’d never gone out to see a film together.

“We’d never been to a restaurant in England because we met in Australia.”

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