It’s Lunch Time! Here Are 7 Of The Best Kids Lunch Boxes

Well, it is yet another back to school session, and all that means is new supplies right from uniforms, stationery, backpacks, etc. It’s hectic sometimes. Nonetheless, this time do not forget factoring in the best lunch boxes your kid can have.

Kids being who they are, always need to be taught good feeding habits. Best Kids Lunch Boxes, however, tend to give a starting solution in all these. Before you think harder, here are some of the best seven options with the latest convenience your kid needs.

1. Bentgo Lunch Box

The Bentgo lunch box is an item you never want your kid to miss. The grey-designed box comes with several partitions for packing various meals. Key aspects of the lunch box include a secure locking clip for freshness seal, an optional ice pack portion and a molded rubberized edge to allow long use. Bentgo is made of BPA-Free materials. It is microwave friendly and can be cleaned with a dishwasher.

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2. Lands’ End Lunch Box

If your kid loves multi-colors, they are going to love the lands’ end lunch box. It is a leak proof polyester suited in a safe fabric with zipper closure. Carrying this will be a lot easier given its wide grab handle and nice fit into a school bag. Other features include; Cold-for-five-hours insulation, one exterior pocket, one interior pocket, and sturdy mesh pockets.

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3. Hydro Flask Lunch Box

This Hydro flask lunch box comes with a kid-friendly design, and a flexible handle for easy carrying whether in the playground or classrooms. It also features two insulation layers to ensure hours of freshness, and a fully-lined interior for easy wipes. The Hydro box is FDA food-grade approved and remains BPA-free hence safe for any food holdings.

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4. Planet Box

If your kid doesn’t prefer hydro flask, Lands’ end or Bentgo, the Planet box is always an alternative option. Black Pearl Carry Bag with Shark Magnets is the best description for it. The highly compact box is a quality design for both adults and kids. Its top features include stainless steel with two compartments, large and small, for food packages. The planet option could suit you most when you need to carry food that neither stays cold nor hot.

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5. Rubbermaid LunchBlox

A Rubbermaid LunchBlox is a special food container designed with BPA Free, transparent polyester. If you need to carry various foodstuffs from fruits, cooked foods, water, ice etc. the Rubbermaid lunch box, is the best carrier for them all, since it comes with various compartments, including side pockets for bottle containment. It also features a comfortable handle and a removable shoulder strap for easy carry.

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6. PackIt Lunch Box

Freezable lunch bag, have you heard of it yet? PackIt is one design you will like. How it works is easy, pack, freeze and carry to school or work. The technology used includes a nontoxic gel and gel liner, which helps keep the food content freshly cold. Depending on the color and size you want, the options for it are always plenty.

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7. Yeti Lunch Box

Yeti Lunch box is a highly insulated bag that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, hence its the ideal lunch box for active kids. The bag features a water­ resistant exterior and a leak proof liner to ensure mess-free transport. Its magnetic closure technology will always maintain the temperatures of your food.

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