‘I was in denial:’ Mother of three has gas stolen directly from car while working night shift

PASCO, Wash. — Abigail Garcia had just finished her overnight shift as a Certified Nursing Assistant when she walked out to a scene she never thought would happen.

Her Jeep, parked on private property at the healthcare facility she worked at, was leaking a puddle of gas onto the ground.

“I always make sure my car has no leaking or anything so I found it weird from the beginning,” Garcia said.

As she walked closer. she realized her car was “reeking like gas.”

In denial, she called her husband before driving to a nearby gas station where her worst fears were confirmed.

“There was a huge hole and it was just falling all over the floor,” Garcia said.

So she took to her work’s security camera footage. Around 4:30 a.m., a car was seen pulling up into the private parking lot right next to her vehicle.

“They kind of looked inside my car and I have three car seats in the back,” Garcia said. “They had absolutely no sympathy to mess up a mother of three toddlers’ car like that’s not cool.”

Garcia said she believes she was targeted, as the car was also seen driving by the lot before finally turning in.

“My Jeep has a plastic gas tank so anyone can open it,” Garcia said.

She and her husband were able to patch up the hole but it’s only a temporary fix as they live about an hour away from Pasco.

“I travel for work and a patch is not enough security for me to be out,” Garcia said. “It’s probably going to be over $1,000 dollars to replace.”

The average cost to fill up her tank is around $70 dollars. Even though gas prices continue skyrocketing across the nation, Garcia said it’s not a valid excuse.

“I don’t think that should ever be a reason that you should be out here stealing people’s property, vandalizing it,” Garcia said.

Garcia added that has filed a police report but she hopes this doesn’t happen to anyone else.


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