How Long Does It Take For A Sign-Up Bonus To Post To Your Account?

How Long Does It Take For A Sign Up Bonus To Post To Your Account?

Earning a welcome bonus on a new credit card account is a money move no one should overlook. To attract new cardholders, banks will frequently offer a bounty of cash-back or points (depending on the type of rewards the card offers) after you meet a minimum spending threshold within a specified period of time.

This can be a win-win for both the bank and for you: The bank benefits from having you put a chunk of change on the card within a relatively short period of time and you benefit from a points bonanza you may not have been able to earn through regular spending alone.

But once you meet the spending amount, how long will it take to see that sizable bonus post to your account? Although the answer varies for each issuer, you should know that you can get your bonus before the full timeline stated in the terms has elapsed. For example, if you meet the bonus spending requirement in the first billing cycle, but the terms state you have three months to spend that amount, you won’t have to wait until the end of the three-month period to earn your bonus. It will often post after the statement closes.

Let’s take a closer look at how long it can take for a welcome offer to post to your new card account.

How Long Does It Take for an American Express Welcome Bonus to Post?

American Express’s welcome offers usually post within eight to 12 weeks after you meet the spending requirement. However, for some cards, like co-branded cards with Delta Air Lines or Hilton, the points or miles can post within a week of the statement’s closing date.

The timeline can be faster when it comes to American Express Membership Rewards-earning cards, such as the American Express® Gold Card (Terms apply) or The Business Platinum Card® from American Express (Terms apply). The points can be posted shortly after you meet the spending requirement but before the billing cycle ends. Keep an eye on your American Express accounts during that period because you might see your balance balloon sooner than you expect.

How Long Does It Take for a Bilt Rewards Sign-Up Bonus to Post?

Unfortunately, the Bilt Rewards World Elite Mastercard doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus. However, if you make at least five transactions in a statement period, one of which is rent, the earned Bilt Points will post to your account. Keep in mind that the points will be displayed as pending until after the fifth transaction clears.

How Long Does It Take for a Capital One Sign-Up Bonus to Post?

As per Capital One, the welcome bonus will be applied to your rewards balance within two billing cycles after qualifying for it. In reality, the bonus can post to your account within a week of your meeting the spending requirement. So, those who recently opened a card like the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card or the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card will receive the bonus shortly after the statement’s closing date.

How Long Does It Take for a Chase Sign-Up Bonus to Post?

Chase’s terms typically say it can take between six and eight weeks after making qualifying purchases for the sign-up bonus to post to your account, whether it’s for a co-branded card or a Chase Ultimate Rewards®-earning card. The rewards usually become available sooner than that, but be aware that it can take the full eight weeks for the bonus to post in some cases.

It’s worth noting that if you made the final qualifying purchase within a day or two of your statement closing date, it could take until the following cycle for you to get your bonus.

How Long Does It Take for a Citi Sign-Up Bonus to Post?

Officially, Citi states that a welcome bonus can take eight to weeks after you meet the purchase requirement. In practice, the rewards typically post with the closing of your statement in which the spending requirement was met. As you can see, the rules are similar to most other banks.

How Long Does It Take for a U.S. Bank Sign-Up Bonus to Post?

The U.S. Bank recommends waiting up to two statement billing cycles for your bonus points to appear on your credit card statement. However, it’s likely that you’d receive the welcome bonus within the same week as you meet the spending requirements.

How Long Does It Take for a Wells Fargo Sign-Up Bonus to Post?

Wells Fargo states that the bonus rewards are available for redemption within one to two billing cycles after you earn them. Once you meet the bonus requirements, click on the “Cash Track” link in your Wells Fargo Rewards account and make sure that your bonus is showing as pending. It’s how you know it’s on its way.

How To Force Your Welcome Bonus To Post Sooner

We get it. You made enough qualifying purchases and are eager to get your rewards, but the billing cycle is taking its sweet time. If you need the points for a specific redemption, there’s a workaround to get the points faster.

Call or open an online chat with the card issuer and let them know that you have reached your threshold and that you would appreciate it if your bonus posted ASAP. It’s no guarantee, but they may be able to manually post it for you.

Transactions That Don’t Count Toward the Minimum-Spending Requirements

Not all credit card transactions qualify for a welcome bonus. Keep in mind that annual fees, balance transfers, cash advances, person-to-person payments, purchasing or reloading prepaid cards and interest charges don’t help you meet minimum-spending requirements on a credit card. Only eligible purchases help you get closer to that spending threshold.

Additionally, if you receive a refund, make sure to account for that credit back to your card and remember to make enough purchases by the end of the promotional period to qualify for the bonus.

For example, let’s say a card’s terms state that you can earn a welcome offer of 90,000 points after spending $4,000 in six months, and you’ve already spent $2,500 on the card. You make a $500 purchase, which takes you to $3,000 spent, but then decide to return the product to a store. Your total spend on the card is back to $2,500 after the refund, so make sure to make other purchases to make up for the difference. We recommend putting $100 or $200 extra on the card to be safe.

Bottom Line

Although the sign-up bonus timeline shouldn’t affect your credit card strategy too much, it’s still good to know how and when the magic happens. Some card issuers post the rewards sooner than others, which gets you closer to that vacation even faster. We recommend that you keep an eye on your cards and make sure to meet the minimum-spending requirements without overextending your budget.

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