Gas prices racing back near record highs, what the White House’s grim COVID warning means, and more COVID news

Here’s a look at COVID news for today, May 9.

Gas prices race back near record highs, but oil tumbles

Prices at the pump are once again flirting with record highs. That’s adding to inflationary headaches for families, the US economy and the White House.

The national average for regular gasoline rose to $4.328 a gallon on Monday, according to AAA. That’s a fraction of a penny shy of the all-time high of $4.331 set on March 11.

Gas prices have climbed 13 cents over the past week and stand well above the recent low of $4.07 a gallon. Read more about the pain at the pump here:

Biden administration warns of impacts to updated vaccine production

The Biden administration is ramping up its warnings of a potential fall and winter surge should Congress fail to pass additional Covid-19 supplemental funding, warning of effects to the production of updated vaccines, as well as other potential consequences to testing and treatments.

The warning comes as scientists are working to develop new vaccines that would offer additional protection from infection and severe illness from new variants. The US Food and Drug Administration will make a decision as soon as June on an updated new vaccine, senior administration official told CNN on Monday, based on data from manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer. Read more about the White House’s push for more COVID funding here:

Here’s what the White House’s grim coronavirus warning means for you

“You don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline.”

That was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s message for an anxious nation when the novel coronavirus first began to spread across the US. More than two years later, his words have new relevance in the face of a disturbing warning from the White House.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reports: The Biden administration is issuing a new warning that the US could potentially see 100 million Covid-19 infections this fall and winter, as officials publicly stress the need for more funding from Congress to prepare the nation. Read more on what that really means for you here:


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