Elle King honours mom as she readies placenta for eating

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Elle King shared an “appreciation post” for her mother and doula, London King, as she prepared her placenta for eating.

The 32-year-old singer recently welcomed her first child with her fiancé Dan Tooker, a baby boy named Lucky Levi Tooker, into the world.

And the music star, who has vowed to tell her birthing experience when she is “ready”, has hailed her parent for helping her through the “whole process”, including cooking up the temporary fetal organ.

While not medically confirmed, it is thought by some that eating the placenta can raise energy levels, improve the quantity of breast milk a new mother produces, and it could also lower the chances of insomnia and postpartum depression.

Alongside a picture of her mom in the kitchen next to a pan with the placenta inside on the stove, Elle wrote on Instagram: “Appreciation post! My mother, the angel of all angels is the best doula ever!

“I will get into my birth story when I’m ready…but this person is my best friend. She helped us get the whole house ready and even though Lucky ended up a belly birth, she was my doula through the whole process, and most importantly she was the best mom I could ask for.

“She is seen here cooking my placenta to encapsulate it for all the amazing benefits! I love you @pushlovedoula! We couldn’t have done this without you!”

Elle confirmed Lucky’s arrival over the weekend.

Sharing a picture of the happy family of three, she wrote on Instagram: “Very proud to announce the birth of our son, Lucky Levi Tooker. On Wednesday, September 1st at 12:06 pm, we welcomed 8 lbs 1 oz of absolute joy and love earthside. We are all healthy and feeling so blessed! Welcome to the world Lucky! (sic)”

However, the ‘Exs & Ohs’ singer’s father, comedian Rob Schneider, let slip that his grandchild had been born on Thursday (02.09.21), before he deleted his Instagram post shortly afterwards.

At the time, it was reported his post read: “THE WORLD JUST GOT 8.1 POUNDS BETTER!! CONGRATULATIONS ELLE AND DAN!! LOVE, GRANDPA ROBBIE. (sic)”

For Elle, her son’s arrival comes after “two very big losses” in her pregnancy journey.

Confirming she was expecting a baby in March, she wrote on social media: “Well, we did something! Me and @tattooker made a little human! We are very excited to share the news that we are pregnant.

“This news comes with a great deal of fear, and I hope that all mothers-to-be, in whatever sense that may be, know that I am trying to be very sensitive. You see, this miracle baby comes after two very big losses. It’s a terrifying and extremely painful experience for everyone. But the sun always rises, and I never really let go to let the universe decide when I was ready.

“I remember every pregnancy announcement felt like a dagger to me. So I want to be very delicate and say to YOU! That soon to be mom, who’s maybe had a loss, or has been struggling with fertility, I’m telling you, our babies come. And I love you. What women go through on this journey make us nothing less than WARRIORS. So thank you for your prayers and love for our high risk pregnancy! (sic)”

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