Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson blocked from gym by hawk

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson Blocked From Gym By Hawk
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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was stopped from going to the gym by an angry hawk.

The ‘Moana’ actor was unable to leave his house as the huge bird settled itself on a pillar to tuck into a snake right outside his kitchen window, and he explained the creature was not impressed when he had initially tried to get past it and leave the house.

He wrote on Instagram: “It’s either this hawk’s Copperhead snake or my weekend workout.

“I tried to open the door with some firm DJ energy and instead of flying away, he got p***** and hasn’t stopped ka kaw’ng me since.

“Clearly, we both have a few things in common but he’s gotta eat and I gotta train….

“Wish me luck, this could get ugly.

“(for the record, seeing a hawk in their hunting/kill/eat mode up close and personal is amazing. Hawks are deceptively massive, impressive and a very powerful mana ) (sic)”

The former WWE star went into more detail about his “problem” in an accompanying video of the hawk eating its prey.

He said: “Right outside my kitchen door is a big, beautiful hawk who got his talons on a hell of snake.

“He started with the head of the snake, always smart to do.

“But the problem, I gotta go to the gym and I have to walk to these stairs to get to the gym, it’s the only way, and he’s here. So we’ve got a little problem…. It’s either my workout or his snake and we’re gonna see what gives here in a sec.”

The 49-year-old star vowed to make another attempt to get out of the house – but hasn’t posted since so it’s unclear if he managed to get his workout in or not.

He said at the end of his video: “Wish me luck. Y’all don’t hear from me in a few hours… Well, I got my a** kicked by a hawk.”

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