Dwayne Johnson’s ‘charismatic energy’ can be felt on camera

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘charismatic Energy’ Can Be Felt On Camera
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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s “natural, charismatic energy” shines through on camera.

Hiram Garcia – who is friends with the Hollywood superstar and president of production at his sister Dany and Dwayne’s Seven Bucks company – has released a collection of intimate and candid photographs taken over the past two decades.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “Well besides the obvious bonuses of shooting an individual who’s 275 lbs. of pure muscle and been awarded the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ moniker, the thing that really makes DJ a great subject is what’s at his core.

“DJ is a subject who’s welcoming, engaging and warm when it comes to a camera. That kindness he’s so famous for inherently comes through in every image.

“That natural, charismatic energy he so famously exudes makes you feel like you’re in the exact moment with him.”

The book – which is called ‘The Rock: Through the Lens: His Life, His Movies, His World’ – gives fans a peak at the former WWE champion in his natural habitat, and Hiram admitted there was no issues with him overstepping his boundaries in search of a perfect snap.

He added: “One of the keys to a good friendship is the unspoken understanding between two friends who have experienced so much together.

“If there was ever a moment that was considered inappropriate, I would already know to not have my camera out anyway.

“But the truth is the intent behind many of these moments, especially the more intimate ones, was me simply wanting to frame moments in time we’ve experienced that I could gift to Dwayne.

“When DJ realized I wanted to create the book he was extremely generous in offering up some of these images and allowing fans to have a special peek into all facets of his incredible life including the ups and the downs.”

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