Dame Judi Dench doesn’t plan to get married

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Dame Judi Dench doesn’t think marriage is for her.

The 86-year-old actress and her partner David Mills actually considered marriage amid the coronavirus lockdown after 11 years together – but they ultimately decided against it and are happy to continue to live in separate homes.

David, 77 – who started dating the actress in 2010 – explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “We talked about that but I think we are far better off as we are as we have got two separate houses. And we are either in one or the other and we are four miles apart.”

Judi and David started dating nine years after the death of her husband of 30 years, Michael Williams.

And David insists he’s “fine” with the scrutiny he’s faced over the last decade.

He said: “Initially it was a bit daunting but we go everywhere. It has made me famous but I have found it all fine.

“I have met all the Hollywood stars, I get on well with them.

“I am not an actor you see. I am not competition to them and that is how it works.”

Judi previously dismissed the possibility of tying the knot during an interview in 2020.

Asked about the prospect of marrying David, she replied: “No, no, no, no, no. Let’s just pull ourselves together and be our age!”

Meanwhile, Judi has also admitted she fears being typecast as an old woman.

The veteran star would hate to be reduced to playing an “old woman in a home”.

Judi said: “Where do I want to be in five years? I would like to be alive. I would also like to be offered a part that is not some old woman in a home somewhere.”

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