Charlize Theron celebrates birthday with ‘dream’ party on a boat Content Exchange

Charlize Theron had her “literal dream birthday” party over the weekend.

The ‘F9’ star turned 46 on Saturday (08.07.21), and celebrated the occasion with a 1980s prom-themed, murder mystery party on a boat.

And to mark the special day, Charlize took to Instagram to show off her outfit – which saw her don a pink ‘Birthday Girl’ T-shirt, accessorized with a pair of denim jean shorts and colorful bead necklaces – and hail the bash as her “dream” party.

She wrote: “Well I never got to go to prom, but this year for my bday my friends decided to change that. I love these humans more than words can describe.

“Only they could know that an 80s prom murder mystery party on a boat is my literal dream birthday. What a family, what a night (sic)”

Charlize also posted a group photo from the celebration, where each of her guests – including her two children, nine-year-old Jackson and five-year-old August – played their parts dressed in decades-old fashion.

Meanwhile, the ‘Old Guard’ actress previously said she has an “ever-changing” approach to growing older.

She said in 2018: “There are days when I really love my face and have no issues with the wrinkles around my mouth or eyes. Then there are days we tell ourselves, ‘Oh my god, maybe it’s time to get a face-lift.’ And that’s OK.

“It doesn’t mean I don’t want to age. The more we can understand that it’s normal and part of the process, the more we’ll take the pressure off. Be kind to yourself. Take every day for what it is, and that’s it.”

And Charlize also said her mother, Gerda, helped shape her perception of beauty, which isn’t based on age.

She added: “My mom played a huge part because she exuded so much of what I believe beauty really is. But for me it wasn’t an aha moment.

“I was lucky at a young age to start traveling and seeing what people in other places did, what they ate, and what they smelled and looked like. I grew up in South Africa, a country that has more cultures than any other place in the world. All of that gave me an awareness.”

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