Cannabis breathalyzer next step in determining impairment | Here Weed Go! podcast

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How’s it growing folks?! Today’s episode deals with testing for cannabis impairment.

In states across the country, folks are pulled over and charged for marijuana DUIs and denied jobs all based on blood, urine or hair follicle tests that aren’t designed to determine actual impairment.

Luckily, that’s where Evan Darzi and Neil Garg come in. The duo are the masterminds behind a new cannabis technology startup called ElectraTect, which is based of the pairs research and development into a cannabis breathalyzer they began developing at UCLA.

Although still being developed for wider use, Darzi and Garg have partnered with a company called Intoxalock, which installs ignition interlocks, to eventually bring to fruition one of the first, most accurate ways to determine just how inebriated someone who consumed cannabis is.

The episode begins with my interview of Garg, a professor in organic chemistry at UCLA, co-founder of ElecraTect and a well known Ted Talk speaker. The conversation kicks off with Garg detailing where he got the idea to start working on a “cannabis breathalyzer.”