Brie Larson’s uplifting new Disney+ series ‘Growing Up’ | Streamed & Screened podcast

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This week we’ve got an abundance of interviews with the cast, crew, and creatives behind the new Disney+ hybrid docu-series “Growing Up.” Created by Brie “Captain Marvel” Larson and production company Culture House, the show premieres September 8th as part of the Disney+ Day programming jamboree.

Bruce Miller’s interviews with Brie Larson, Nicole Gavlovski, Athena Nair, Gavin Arneson, Sage Dolan-Sandrino, and more, pull the curtain back a bit on the production process and the real life autobiographical stories that lie at the heart of the show.

Streamed & Screened is a podcast about movies and TV hosted by Bruce Miller, an entertainment reporter for multiple decades who is now the editor of the Sioux City Journal, Jared McNett, and Chris Lay, the podcast operations manager for Lee Enterprises.

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