Amanda Kloots wants to honour Nick Cordero with DWTS appearance Content Exchange

Amanda Kloots wants to honour her late husband with her appearance on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.

The ‘Talk’ presenter was revealed on Wednesday (08.09.21) to be one of the celebrities taking part in the upcoming 30th season of the competition and she’s explained she signed up because the passing of Nick Cordero – who died last year from coronavirus complications – made her determined to live life to the full in tribute to his memory.

She said: “I think the best way to honor somebody’s life is to keep living your life, and I know Nick would want me to do that.

“And I feel like being back dancing — I haven’t danced like this in seven years — so it’s kind of like finding that part of myself again.”

And the 39-year-old beauty – who has two-year-old son Elvis with her late spouse – thinks she can feel the presence of the Broadway star by her side as she rehearses for the show.

She added: “So much has changed and I’m excited. I’m excited to find that part of myself again and I know that in doing this, I’ll feel him with me every single day. I already have started [to feel him with me again] in rehearsals. I’m having the best time ever.”

Amanda admitted she has lost herself in recent years so is looking forward to reclaiming who she used to be with the show.

She told reporters: “I’ve been through a really tough part of my life. I’m a mom. Through those two things, you kind of lose yourself a little bit. You lose how you used to be. Dancing and performing was such a huge part of my life. I left it and started my fitness company and so much has changed since then that when ‘DWTS’ called, I was like, ‘Yes’.

“I want to find that part of me again. It’s going to feel so good. It’ll be so cathartic and therapeutic for me. I’m looking at it like that. I want to find myself again.”

However, Amanda admitted it’s going to be tough to juggle all her commitments.

She said: “I think time management — finding the time to do ‘The Talk’, to do rehearsals, to film ‘DWTS’ but then my number one, most important job in life is to be Elvis’ mom.

“I think that’s going to be my most difficult challenge is to find the time and space and then also the balance to try and find an hour to get a massage or sleep.”

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