‘I jumped out my second story window’: Survivors of Browne’s Addition fire grapple with loss

SPOKANE, Wash.– The fire that killed two people at Tiffany Manor in Browne’s Addition is being investigated as a potential homicide.

Sherri Vick is one of the women who died in the fire. Family and friends remember her as a mother and grandmother.

Her neighbor Steve Kaye says Vick and the other person killed in the fire were part of his community.

“I think it’s particularly hard knowing that two of my neighbors and my friends perished,” Kaye said.

Kaye said when it came to keeping himself safe, he jumped from a second-story window in nothing but his shorts, to survive.

He said if it weren’t for his two missing cats that are now missing, he wouldn’t have gone back to the ashes.

“I didn’t want to come back here thinking that my cats were dead,” he said.

Darrin Haman says ran through flames in nothing but his underwear to escape.

“I ran to the back of the building and there was just too much fire already on the concrete. So, I ran through the front and on the ground, on the top of the stairs there was a large amount of fire so I ended up running through the fire,” Haman said.

The day after the fire, everyone was trying to process what happened and looking for what they lost. That includes  Joy McCraley, who just moved in just a month ago.

“We all ran outside and stood there watching it for about two hours. And you couldn’t stop watching but you hated to watch it,” McCraley said.

McCraley is a bartender at the Backyard Public House. The pub is helping her get back on her feet by pitching in 10 percent of their sales.

“You know we’ve done events and fundraisers in the past and I never thought I’d be the one they’d be doing that for,” she said.

The cause of fire cause is still under investigation.

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