‘I hope he rots in jail’: Victims confront killer in Freeman High School shooting

Caleb Sharpe
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Victims continued to recount their trauma on Tuesday with the hope their stories will convince a judge to give the Freeman High School shooter the maximum sentence possible.

Caleb Sharpe, who killed one of his classmates and shot three others in 2017, was in the courtroom as parents, students and teachers recounted that horrific day.

Victims say that day still haunts them and has forever changed their lives.

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They are sharing their statements in a variety of ways, like written essays or by having victim advocates read on their behalf. Some are sharing their experience and confronting Sharpe on their own.

“I hope he never sees the light of day. I hope he rots in jail,” one student said.

Sharpe pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder earlier this month. A judge will use these victim impact statements when taking his final sentencing into consideration.

Everyone who has spoken so far has implored the judge to give the maximum sentence possible, adding that whatever time he faces will not be enough for the damage he has done to so many.

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