Hundreds of pieces of stolen mail found in Lincoln County; two people charged

Two people are charged with stealing nearly 600 pieces of mail from cities all over Eastern Washington
U.S. Postal Service

DAVENPORT, Wash – Two people face federal charges of stealing nearly 600 pieces of mail from 18 cities in Eastern Washington.

According to federal court records, Karalyn Solis and Leora Guery face charges that include theft, receipt and possession of stolen mail.

Investigators found 592 pieces of stolen mail from 18 cities, including three checkbooks, three gift cards, 11 checks, 43 debit and/or credit cards, eight driver’s licenses or identification cards, two United States passports, and 1.23 grams of suspected methamphetamine.

The investigation began February 11th with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. A citizen called in a license plate number and said they saw a car going from mailbox to mailbox in Davenport. The same day, Lincoln County dispatch had received multiple calls of mailboxes being left open and mail being missing.

A deputy went to the area and found a vehicle matching the description the caller gave. He pulled it over and found Solis and Guery inside. The deputy said he could see envelopes and credit cards near the center console.

According to court documents, Solis waived her rights and agreed to be questioned. She told the deputy Guery picked her up that morning and they were driving to Spokane to look for a new vehicle. She says she fell asleep and woke up in Coulee City. She said while there, Guery asked her to drive over near a stand of mailboxes; then, she said Guery began stealing the mail from those boxes.

Solis said she knew Guery was having money problems and was “down on her luck.” She said the two never discussed stealing mail, but “she went with it” and they began looking for mailboxes in groups of five or more to steal from. “Solis stated they kept some of the mail in the car and threw the rest out the window,” according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

Investigators say Guery also waived her rights and agreed to be questioned. She said the two were out passing out magazines at mailboxes. She said she didn’t know where the magazines came from and didn’t get paid for passing them out. Guery agreed to be searched and in her pocket were two white pills and a stolen check.

The deputy obtained a search warrant for the car and found the stolen mail. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says the mail belonged to people in Davenport, Pasco, Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Ephrata, Entiat, Moses Lake, Kennewick, Othello, Warden, Chelan, Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, Ritzville, Olympia, Spokane Valley, Malaga and Yakima.

If convicted, the women face up to five years in prison.