Hundreds defy COVID-19 restrictions to turn out for Loren Culp rally in Liberty Lake

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Hundreds turned out to support Washington gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp during a rally in Liberty Lake on Friday, despite COVID-19 concerns.

People in attendance had one clear motive: To re-open Washington’s economy. 

That’s exactly what Culp says will happen if he’s elected governor. 

“We are going to lift any restrictions that Jay Inslee has left on the citizens and businesses of this state… are going to get lifted day one,” said Culp, to a crowd of supporters. 

Governor Inslee has made it clear those restrictions were put in place to protect Washingtonians from the virus, which has already killed over 2,000 people statewide. 

This is not the first rally Culp has held in defiance of the governor’s restrictions. In fact, he’s seen a lot of faces over the course of his campaign, holding large outdoor rallies- which he’s been criticized for. 

“I feel comfortable running and having these events. I’m not forcing people to come here,” said Culp. “I’m not forcing them to wear a mask or not wear a mask.” 

Culp remains confident he will be Washington’s next governor. 

“We the people run this state and we can make decisions for our own health,” said Culp. 

Culp says he’s not just getting support from conservatives, also independent voters and democrats who support his plan for Washington state.

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