Humane Society Rescues Abandoned Dogs

ST. MARIES, ID. — The Benewah County Humane Society is asking for the community’s help to care for more than a dozen dogs and puppies abandoned in a St. Maries area mobile home.

The Humane Society rescued the animals Thursday after the owner left a message threatening to have them killed.  

In all, 14 dogs were found in a mobile home off a dirt road 25 miles outside of town. Donna Cluck says the owner left a message at the shelter a few days ago threatening to have the animals killed if no one took them in.

With the help of the sheriff’s department the Humane Society rescued 14 dogs, two cats, a rabbit and a horse. Cluck says the animals went without food and water for at least a week and they were living in their own feces.

She says for the most part they are healthy but scared. Had they not been rescued Cluck says they would’ve died.

The Humane Society is now double its capacity and needs all the help it can get.

“I hope … people will call us and say I’m willing to come in to help, what can I do. Whether it’s saying foster them, if we get calls from other shelters that will say we’ll take some, people coming in wanting to adopt,” Donna said.

The Benewah County Sheriff’s Department is investigating and the owner of the animals could face criminal charges.

All the dogs will be up for adoption or foster home in 10 days while the puppies will be available in a few weeks.