‘Huge deals’: TikTok bin shopping trend comes to Spokane saving shoppers money

SPOKANE, Wash. — Two sisters turned business owners opened a TikTok shopping trend bin store to save shoppers money as they hunt for hidden treasure.

Michelle Miller and Sharon McConnell saw the fun trend online and said the nearest bin store they could find was hundreds of miles away. They wanted to change that and bring “huge deals” to the Inland Northwest, so they opened Spokane Bins.

Bin shopping is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Bins are filled to the brim with all kinds of technology, home essentials, toys, beauty and much more. You won’t know what’s there until you search for yourself.

“Even if you don’t have that much money, it’s still a fun experience, and you could find something you’ve been wanting your whole life,” said Tinisha Tarver. She came out to shop on opening day.

She found some sweet deals like a heated massager, face masks and a blanket. The prices on the bins change by the day. On Saturday, everything sold for $12. On Sunday, all the items will be $8, and on Monday, the prices will be reduced even more to only $4.

On top of the bins, there’s also a general merchandise part of the store. This has higher priced, more sought-after items.

“We’ve gotten laptops, 3D printers, rumbas, stuff like that, that’s $200 to $400, and the most those are going to be is $50,” Miller added.

The max price for the general merchandise items will never go above $50.

What people are buying are online returns getting resold. Since the items are returns, you should be aware they aren’t guaranteed to work. The owners say they try to check the items, and people weren’t too bothered by that concern.

“I was kind of scared at first to buy stuff. It might not work, but at the same time — that’s part of the experience,” Tarver added. “If it works, that’s amazing. If it doesn’t work, then I got a great experience out of it.”

As inflation continues to shrink family’s finances, this kind of shopping experience gives people more flexibility to shop.

“If I would have went and found that massager at Walmart, it would have been $30 or $60 that I do not have,” Tarver added. “No one in my family has that much money because of the pandemic and everything, so I was happy when I found it. When I found it, and it was only $12, I jumped with glee and everything.”

The store is only open on weekends now to give the sisters time to restock the bins with deals.

Spokane Bins is located at 14 E Mission Ave in Spokane. You can find more information about the new store HERE.

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