How to tell if you’re hiring from a reputable limo service

How to tell if you’re hiring from a reputable limo service

A deadly limousine crash in New York is raising questions about the safety of the limousine industry.

Saturday that limo plowed through a stop sign and crashed into a parked SUV. All 17 passengers in the limo, the driver and two pedestrians were killed.

New revelations also show that the driver of the limo did not have the proper licensing, and that the vehicle had failed an inspection just a month earlier. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the limo had no business being on the road in the first place.

Now many people are wondering how they can know if a limo company is safe and trustworthy.

John Mosby, the owner of Spokane Limousine says it can be tough, and it falls on the consumer to check into the company they may hire.

“There is no enforcement in our industry,” he said.

Spokane Limousine has been operating in the Lilac City for 33 years. Mosby says in that time he’s seen plenty of unlicensed businesses trying to operate in the city.

“It varies cause they come and go and work out of their homes, but you never see the vehicle you’ve booked for a lower price maybe until they show up,” said Mosby.

According to the department of licensing, limousines that carry up to 14 passengers must apply for limousine license on its website.The agency tells me it doesn’t credential drivers, so it’s up to the company to make sure chauffeurs comply with regulations. Drivers must be at least 21, have a valid driver license, complete a defensive driving course, and pass a state patrol background check, among others.

But, Mosby says it really falls on the integrity of the company to make sure these rules are being followed.

“Every one of our drivers have background checks and certified through the insurance company in order to have a policy,” he said.

So, with some companies potentially operating without the proper licensing, it’s important that you ask the right questions.

“That’s important to ask on the phone, if they have the proper credentials and if they’re insured and inspected by the state,” said Mosby.

You can also head to and look up a business license. You can search for a specific business, or just search your city and it will reveal which businesses are properly licensed.