How to safely donate to Ukraine relief efforts

SPOKANE, Wash. — The crisis in Ukraine has sparked showings of support from around the world and a large part of that support has been in donations.

If you want to donate and help the people of Ukraine caught in the conflict, you want to make sure you’re donating to a legitimate charity organization.

Along with images of war and conflict, you may also be seeing many links online, asking for donations.

Before you click those links, the Better Business Bureau wants you to be careful of where you might be sending your money.

Since the war in Ukraine began, there’s been a lot of information circulating online, including donation links and calls for financial support that are not all legitimate.

On the BBB’s, it says while generosity to help people in Ukraine is encouraged, you’re cautioned to avoid questionable appeals.

Here are some tips from the website to keep in mind:

Can the charity get to the impacted area? Find out if the charity can get to the impacted area. Not all relief organizations will be positioned to provide relief quickly. See if the charity already has a presence in Ukraine.

Should you send clothing and food? When it comes to sending clothing and food, local drives may not be practical as the logistics and timing to deliver and disperse these items would be challenging. Relief organizations are better equipped to obtain what’s needed.

Does the relief charity meet BBB charity standards? On, there is a list of charities that meet the BBB standards for charity accountability.

Is the charity experienced in providing emergency relief? Charities experienced in providing emergency disaster relief are the best bet to help deliver aid as soon as possible.

Are you considering crowdfunding appeals? If engaging in crowdfunding, it is safest to give to someone you personally know and trust, and review the platform’s policies regarding fees and distribution of collected funds.

Does the appeal make exaggerated financial claims such as “100% will be spent on relief”? Charities have fundraising and administrative expenses. Any charity claiming otherwise is potentially misleading the donating public as even a credit card donation will have a processing fee.

See this page on the Better Business Bureau’s website for more information.

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