How to have the best planting season, according to local experts

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spring has sprung in Spokane, but that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect time to plant. In fact, it’s still too early. Experts from Haase’s Greenhouse say getting a head start could actually end up hurting your gardens and yards in the long run.

Right around Mother’s Day or when the snow melts from Mica Peak are two good reminders to keep in mind, according to Michael Goodwin, one of the assistants at Haase’s.

Right now, everything is in the early stages of blooming inside the greenhouse.

“It’s kind of an art,” Goodwin said.

With any art, the more time and patience you have, the better the finished product will turn out. When you buy a little later, the roots will have a chance to develop more which means you’ll have bigger, more vibrant plants during peak season.

When COVID hit last year, Goodwin says people weren’t only stocking up on toilet paper. They had more customers wipe them out sooner in the season because of the fear of shortages. However, he wants customers to know, there’s no reason to rush. They have enough plants to go around. Also, he says waiting a few weeks longer to buy will also save you money.

“You know, he’s going to spend $39 on a basket,” Goodwin said. “You want to protect that investment. People spend a lot of money on plants.”

Another issue is the temperature fluctuation this time of the year. It can jump 30 degrees from the morning to the evening which is too dramatic for plants which favor stability. Even if plants don’t die when they freeze over, it can severely stunt their growth.

If it’s a nice day out, and you just want to be outside, there are some things Goodwin says you can do now to prep your yard. Start picking up old leaves from last season and work on manicuring your lawn and yards for when you do start planting. The team at Haase’s also wants to see customers have a successful planting season, so they include a tip sheet and fertilizer packet with purchases.

The greenhouse is also celebrating 70 years serving the Spokane community this spring. You can find more about Haase’s here.