House panel rejects Idaho math, science, English standards

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A House panel on Wednesday rejected math, science and English standards used to make sure Idaho’s 300,000 students are meeting specific criteria.

The House Education Committee voted 10-5 to reject the standards put forward by the Idaho State Board of Education as part of its rules package.

The arcane administrative rules process involves both the House and Senate. The standards would remain in effect unless the Senate also removes them. In 2018, the House panel rejected some science standards involving climate change, but a Senate panel left them in, nullifying the House action.

If the Senate also rejects the standards, the Board of Education would create temporary rules to take before lawmakers next year.The Idaho Content Standards are heavily based on Common Core standards and are often referred to by that name.The Common Core standards are benchmarks adopted by more than 40 states to describe what students should know after completing each grade.

The standards were developed by the National Governors Association but became a frequent target of Republicans after the Obama administration pushed states to adopt them.