House Leaders To Meet With Paulson

CAPITOL HILL (AP) — One day after huddling with President Bush on a plan to jolt the economy out of its slump, some top lawmakers meet Wednesday with the Treasury Secretary.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader John Boehner have a breakfast meeting at the Capitol with Henry Paulson to try to make more progress on a stimulus package.

So far, talks have focused on setting the parameters of a bill combining rebates with Republican-led tax breaks for businesses, as well as Democratic-backed help for the unemployed and those on food stamps. The centerpiece of the measure is expected to be tax rebates of up to $800 for individuals and $1,600 for couples.

Congressional leaders of both parties are hoping for action by next month, a rare display of bipartisanship that underscores how shaken Washington thinks the voting public truly is over the economic woes.