House Fire Across From KXLY4 Studio

SPOKANE — A fire destroys a North Spokane home, leaving the nine family members that lived there picking up the pieces.

The fire started just after 2 p.m. at the house 520 W. Sharp, just north of the KXLY broadcast center.

Firefighters arrived on scene to find flames coming from the east side of the home, threatening a neighboring business.

While they readied the hoses, the flames quickly grew and black smoke began to pour from the eaves of the home.

Dave Campbell and his family were outside of the home when the fire started. They were getting ready to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

“We noticed some smoke coming from the eaves and ran in the house opened the back door where the dryer is and instantly the whole thing just went up,” said Campbell.

The Campbell’s were able to get everyone out of the home, including the four children that live there.

“We got all the kids out of the house and I opened my room and there’ nothing but flames,” said Dave Campbell.

Firefighters watched as the roof of the structure collapsed from the intense heat and flames.

The fire quickly spread to a backyard in Sinto prompting the police and the fire department to close portions of Sharp and Sinto.

While fire investigators are unsure of what started the fire, one of the home’s occupants believe the fire started in the home’s dryer. The home’s occupants say that they’ve had electrical problems in the past.

Firefighters plan on staying at the house Saturday night to make sure the fire is fully extinguished. The Spokane American Red Cross will be assisting the five adults and four children that lived in that home.