Hotel collapse: From rescue mode to recovery mode

Hotel collapse: From rescue mode to recovery mode
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A Hard Rock Hotel under construction in New Orleans collapses, killing two and injuring at least 18.

Further movement from the unstable crane is causing problems, and additional rainfall will only make the situation worse.

DNA samples were taken from the rubble, and lab workers were able to identify the original victim. Unfortunately, the remains are in a very unstable location, and still cannot be removed.

NOFD Chief Tim McConnell explained that there have been no live hits since Sunday morning. That’s over 72 hours without a live hit, from any dogs.

According to Chief McConnell, given the nature of this collapse, this many days out, the odds of survival are zero percent if they don’t get any indications of life by tonight.

With that, it is approaching the time to move out of rescue mode and into recovery mode.

“This changes the risk that our first responders take. Going from, you know, you say you’ll risk a life to save a life, but we can’t say the same for recovery. But I want to assure everyone, we will take every action to recover the remains for these families,” said McConnell.

Over the next few days, equipment will be moved, and steps will be taken to bring down the towers, while still honoring the recovery of the remains.