Home Inspections For Winter Wear And Tear

Spokane — As the snow melts and tempratures begin to warm up insurance agents say it’s time to check your home for winter wear and tear.

Bill Meyer, a home inspector with Inland Home and Building Inspection, says the first place you want to look for damage this time of year would be the roof.

“Despite it being below freezing, water can work its way through the roof, into the attic and down to the walls below,” Meyers said.

Experts say it doesn’t matter if your house is old or new, just about any homeowner may wrestle with the problem of a leaky roof. The major culprit is what’s known as an ice dam, which starts to form when a layer of snow – as little as a few inches – begins to melt despite freezing temperatures.

Although home inspectors are reluctant to disclose repair costs, Myer says a typical home can be inspected for around $400.

“No home is perfect. Every home will have issues on a home inspection,” Meyer said. “Even new homes can have issues after the snow storm we just had.”

Another sign of trouble is when large icicles hang from the gutters.

“Ice dams can damage roof shingles and cause gutters to sag and bend,” Meyer said.  He adds that, “gutters can be bent and destroyed and eventually pulled down by the weight of the ice.”

Windows are another place homeowners need to inspect this spring. Basement window wells can collect water and leak into a basement.

“Having an egress window can be a great thing, but snow can build up and leak in over the winter,” Mayer said.

While Myer’s believes he will be busy in the coming months for homeowners looking for winter problems spots he also says the busy season is summer, when people are looking to buy homes.

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