Home flaws that buyers can overlook

Guest rooms, in-law suites on the rise

When looking at a home there are certain items that might be unappealing to potential buyers that are actually easy fixes. Take a look at some home flaws that shouldn’t prevent you from buying a house you otherwise like.

Paint color: Repainting a room is a very easy and affordable fix. A couple of coats of paint can completely change the look and feel of a room. When touring homes try to look past an unappealing color.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper is another easy fix. While the wallpaper might give the room an outdated feel, try to look past it and know that it can be taken down and replaced by the paint or wall covering of your choice.

Kitchen cabinets: If you don’t like the kitchen cabinets in a home, don’t worry, there are easy and affordable ways to change them. You don’t always have to completely replace all of the cabinets. You could instead refinish them or repaint them.

Window treatments: Unappealing window treatments can affect the way you feel about a room when touring a home. Try to visualize the space without the treatments, as these are very easy – and affordable – to replace.

Light fixtures: Light fixtures are another easy fix. An outdated or unappealing light fixture can have a negative impact on a room. Try to look past the light fixture, as it can be replaced by simply buying a new fixture and conducting some minor electrical work (or hiring someone more experienced to install the fixture).