Hit And Run Victim May Have Been Lying Down

SPOKANE – An autopsy report has deepened they mystery around the hit-and-run death of Susette Werner after the report showed she didn’t have any broken bones which would have been consistent with her being hit by a vehicle.

Werner’s body was found in early February at the intersection of Ash and Maxwell in West Central Spokane and the investigation early on indicated she had been hit nearly a mile away and had been dragged to where her body was found.

However detectives now say that her legs weren’t broken. Broken legs would have been an injury consistent with being hit by a car while standing up. That now has detectives theorizing that maybe she had been lying on the ground when the vehicle ran over her.

If she had been on the ground police say the person who hit her might not have known right away they ran her over though the body underneath the car would cause steering problems.

That’s why police believe who ever hit Werner eventually stopped, backed up and walked around the vehicle. Officials say a witness saw the suspect make a phone call from where near Susette’s body was discovered.

A short time later a station wagon arrived. The drivers talked and then drove away from the scene in two different directions.

Authorities are working to locate both of those drivers and are trying to piece together what happened between the time when Werner left KC’s Restaurant at 1:30 a.m. on February 8th and two hours later when she was hit by a vehicle near the intersection of Cedar and Carlisle.

In the meantime a memorial fund has been set up to help the family of Susette Werner. If you’d like to help out, donations can be dropped off in the name of Suzie Werner at any American West Bank.