Hips don’t lie: There is a new marathon hula-hooping record holder

Hips don’t lie: There is a new marathon hula-hooping record holder
District Brew Yards via CNN
Jenny Doan hits the 75-hour mark, officially breaking the Guinness World Record for longest time spent hula hooping. She's still going...

A Chicago woman crushed a world record Saturday by hula-hooping for 100 hours.

Jenny Doan set out to break the record in marathon hula-hooping as recognized by Guinness World Records and she did so by beating the current record by 25 hours.

Her accomplishment must be verified by Guinness, but once that is done, she will have officially demolished the current record of 74 hours and 54 minutes, set in 2009 by Aaron Hibbs of Columbus, Ohio.

Doan, a native of western Australian, recently moved to Chicago. On Tuesday morning, she set up in District Brew Yards, a bar and brewery in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, to start her adventure. She livestreamed every turn of her hips to the world and reached her 100-hour goal on Saturday morning.

But it’s more than just a record for her. She used the goal to raise money for Mental Health America, a nonprofit organization. She raised more than $4,000 for the cause.

And, no, she didn’t do all hula-hooping without a break here and there.

In line with Guinness rules, Doan got a five-minute break for every hour she moved. She was able to bank that time and take it consecutively, which she did to get in a three-hour nap, according to CNN affiliate WTTW.

To pass the time, she watched movies and TV shows, ate, chatted with friends, browsed Reddit and, as she wrote on her website, “twiddle my thumbs.”

Thankfully, it’s all over, and her three months of training and five days of dedication paid off.

“It might be a placebo, but I feel less pain,” she told WTTW shortly after breaking the record.