Hijackers Of Darfur Plane Surrender In Libya

TRIPOLI, Libya — Passengers and crew of a hijacked Sudanese jetliner are safe.

Officials say two Darfur men who commandeered the Boeing 737 yesterday and diverted it to a remote desert airstrip in southern Libya have surrendered and freed all hostages after a 22-hour standoff.

A Sudanese official says the hijackers are asking for asylum in Libya. It’s unclear whether the Libyans granted their request.

Officials said hijackers armed with two handguns commandeered the Khartoum-bound plane, which was carrying 95 passengers and crew, soon after it took off from a town in southern Darfur.

Passengers say the hijackers identified themselves as members of a Darfur rebel group, the Sudan Liberation Movement, which promptly denied any involvement.