High winds knock over trees, damage homes in Spokane

Tree damage in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — The high winds are over and people are starting to clean up what’s left behind. Trees fell across the region, some causing damage and others barely missing homes.

Doug Baker got a call from his mother Monday afternoon and said she had a tree in her front yard.

“I said uh really, you have a maple tree in your front yard, mom. What are you talking about?,” Baker said.

She’s talking about a Ponderosa pine tree that fell from her neighbor’s house across the street near Rowan and Ash.

“I rushed over right away because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t in the house because in years past we’ve had a car in our front yard and in the actual house as well,” Baker explained.

Luckily, it wasn’t in the house thanks to another tree.

“Looks like what happened is that as the pine tree was falling, it hit the side of the maple tree and diverted away from the house,” Baker said.

Other homes didn’t get so lucky. Two houses in the Perry District were hit by a tree, which caused damage to the homes. Some trees blocked main roads across Spokane County.

City workers have started clearing the trees from the roads and pushing them to the side. They’ll start cleaning them up on Tuesday.

If you see a tree blocking the road in Spokane, call 311.

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