High school student one of two new coronavirus patients announced in Washington state

The Washington Department of Health confirmed two new coronavirus cases in the state at a press conference on Friday, one of which health officials say is in a high school student.  

The cases are being described as ‘presumptive positives,’ meaning they tested positive with the Washington Department of Health and are now on their way to the CDC. 

Of those cases, one is a high school student in Snohomish County. Officials say the student came down with a fever on Monday and went to the doctor, but returned to Jackson High School on Friday morning. 

The student’s test results came back on Friday, showing they tested positive for the virus. 

Health officials say that student is now home in isolation and the school district is preparing to sanitize the school. Jackson High School will remain closed on Monday. 

At this time, they do not know what caused the infection. 

The students who came in contact with that student are being asked to stay at home for the next two weeks. 

Health officials also say a King County patient tested positive for the coronavirus. 

That patient is a 50-year-old woman who officials say recently traveled to South Korea. She never received medical care and is improving at home. The woman’s husband is also being quarantined at their house, but officials say he has not shown any symptoms.  

The Snohomish County student is one of four with no recent travel history to be infected. Another patient in Portland tested positive on Friday. The two other patients are in California.