Here’s who is running for the open Spokane City Council seat

The Spokane City Council meets with Mayor Nadine Woodward.
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SPOKANE, Wash. — A group of finalists for the open Spokane City Council seat will be selected on Wednesday.

More than 30 people applied for the position, which will represent district 2 alongside Councilwoman Lori Kinnear. The position was opened when Breean Beggs was elected as the president of the council.

The position will be selected by current members of the council and will not go to a public vote. That is because the position’s term is not up for re-election until 2021. At that time, the role will reopen and the public will vote on their councilmember.

The list of applicants includes:

  • Robbi Katherine Anthony
  • Christine L. Carlile
  • Christopher Scott Carlisle (Chris)
  • Alan Dickson Chatham
  • Anthony Dinaro (Tony)
  • Sarah Griffith
  • Pia Hallenberg Christensen
  • Shauna Harshman
  • Tyler Morgan Henthorne
  • John A. Hoye, Jr.
  • Anthony L. Kiepe
  • Beth LaBar
  • Ryann Louie
  • Randy McGlenn II
  • Patrick McKann
  • Andrew Mills
  • Robert E. Myron
  • Matthew R. Norman
  • Matthew Patching
  • Randy Ramos
  • Thomas J. Sanderson
  • Kristine Schuler
  • Ashley Strine
  • Kathleen Tamm
  • Katey Randall Treloar
  • Phillip Tyler
  • Son Hoang Vu
  • John Waite
  • Randy Watts
  • Michelle L. Weaver
  • Betsy K. Wilkerson

The city council will select a shorter list of finalists on Wednesday. They will then interview those candidates at their meeting on Monday. Following interviews, the council will hold a special session where they will vote and select the new councilmember.

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