Her Recession: Spokane steps up in a big way for single mother

SPOKANE, Wash. — Women are being laid off at a higher rate than men, leaving them without a job and forcing them to file for unemployment. At 4 News Now, we’re telling stories of women affected by this pandemic.

Last week, we told you about a single mother in Spokane. She reached out to us while going through many struggles.

Courtney Schwind got laid off months ago. Her unemployment didn’t come through until September and was told it would expire in December. She also battles depression and takes care of her two immunocompromised twin girls, Brinley and Paytyn. Their world has been changed thanks to you.

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“The only reason I shared my struggles was to let single mothers know the struggle is real and that you know, we’re not alone,” Schwind said.

After we aired her story, 4 News Now got e-mails from the community. One was from a local law firm with a job opportunity.

“I landed by dream job,” Schwind said. “Just seeing them [daughters] so happy and excited for me was like the best thing that I could ever ask for.”

The giving didn’t stop there.

“We got some treats. We had some people bring us cookies and donate,” Schwind said.

She recently had surgery, and needs another one next week. A meal train was started to help her, and people she doesn’t even know are stepping forward.

“We’ve gotten money and the food and gift cards for groceries,” Schwind said.

At least 20 people have offered to help Schwind’s family. Some have even brought her flowers.

“Just nothing but overwhelming support and I’m just not used to it,” she explained. “I’ve struggled for so long, like I literally feel like we’re starting a new life.”

Schwind’s unemployment benefits were set to expire the day after Christmas. However, the Employment Security Department told her it’s been extended for about four months.

She said she won’t need it for that long as she starts her new job on January 4.

“I’ve got so much love for Spokane now. I want to forever pay it forward now,” Schwind said. “Thank you so much. Thank you. You literally made this the best Christmas ever. Thank you for making our dreams come true.”

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